DebOps and Ansible scripts to manage my infrastructure
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      1 * Ansible DebOps Infrastructure
      2 ** Overview
      3 This is the [[][Ansible]] and [[][DebOps]] set of scripts and settings that
      4 I use to manage my personal infrastructure. A lot of files are still
      5 private, but I'm in the process of cleaning them up, abstracting roles
      6 as much as possible and moving anything that's really private under
      7 `secret`.
      9 ** Using this
     10 Some [[][familiarity with Ansible]] is assumed. The [[][DebOps documentation]] has all the
     11 necessary information, but the TL;DR is:
     13 *** Installing DebOps
     14 #+BEGIN_SRC sh
     15 pip install debops
     16 debops-update
     17 #+END_SRC
     19 *** Initializing a host
     20 After adding a host to the inventory:
     22 #+BEGIN_SRC sh
     23 debops bootstrap -l new_host -b
     24 debops -l new_host
     25 #+END_SRC
     27 ** Hosts not covered by this
     28 Some hosts like my laptop or my desktop, I don't want to manage using
     29 Ansible because...reasons. For these hosts I usually have a role with
     30 some files that I simply might copy over or just store them in this
     31 git repo for safekeeping.